Commute Warrior

You can find Commute Warrior on the google play store and read more about the app and our research here.

The Commute Warrior App allows users to track their daily second-by-second travel activity.  The data collected by this App are being used by Georgia Tech researchers to monitor congestion, estimate travel times through transportation corridors, and study travel behavior.  Travel monitoring is automatic, running in background without any effort on the part of the user, passively recording position and speed without any interaction on the part of the participant.

The App monitors walking, bicycling, transit, and personal vehicle trips.  Users can look back at the trips using a travel journal and interactive map interface.  Trips appear on the maps with flags and the start and end, and the trip playback shows the routes taken as well as the speeds along the way.


Features and Benefits

The App provides flexibility with regard to data transmission.  Commute Warrior can be set to track and record travel data, uploading later via WiFi transmission, or the App can transmit data in real time via the user’s wireless data plan. 

The App allows the user to set a battery level that, when reached, automatically discontinues the operation of the CW App. This feature helps ensure user battery levels remain above desired levels.

The users can review their travel for any monitored day.

The travel activity is displayed using an open source mapping system for the users to review.

Users are asked to complete online travel diary surveys for a few targeted days each month.  The surveys ask the user to select a purpose for each trip, why that route was selected, etc.  The online surveys only take a few minutes to complete.  Survey data will be used in studying travel behavior.

Battery Use

The battery usage statistics shows that in a typical day the App uses around 25% of the battery, depending on the user.  In tests the App’s impact on battery drain time was found to be marginal. The phone’s battery will last through the work day as long as it is charged every night.

Upon installing and getting started with the Commute Warrior App, users can set preferences for how data is uploaded and recorded, and what minimum battery level they want to App to operate on.  Once the battery reaches the specified battery level, the App turns off.

Settings screen for the Commute Warrior App

User Interface

Commute Warrior has a user friendly interface for Android smartphones and any personal computer. 

Users select a day with on the calendar view of the travel journal

Each day shows the list of trips taken including the distance and time of the trip

By clicking on the map view for a trip, the user sees the entire trip on a map and a playback of the trip (a moving red dot) from start to end.






The Georgia Tech researchers are committed to protecting the privacy of the participants.  The data can be accessed only by the participants and is stored in a secure data server.  All research personal have been trained and certified in handling Human Subjects.  All research protocols have been reviewed and approved by the Institutional Review Board at Georgia Tech.

You can download a copy of the user agreement document here.



To get started with the App, follow these instructions:

1) Install the App from the Google Play store by clicking here

2) Sign up for a Commute Warrior Account

3) Open the App on the device and sign in with the Commute Warrior account you created

Samsung Galaxy Note II does not work well with the App due to its sensors being disabled in sleep mode.


Email with any questions or comments